CPR training is required for some jobs in Ohio. Although the state does not require all citizens to learn CPR and first aid, it is highly recommended as this profession is quite cost-effective. For high school students who want to track the healthcare field as a career path, becoming a licensed CPR instructor is the way to go. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that CPR classes and training Ohio instructors earn $38,910 per year on an average basis. The highest salary that you can get is at $66,700. This amount is likely enjoyed by the most experienced CPR instructors in private practice. Within just 6-8 weeks, you can be a licensed CPR in the state. You should enroll in a state-approved CPR classes and training Ohio educational institution that can either be done online or through traditional schooling. Whatever floats your boat right now; you are provided with a lot of options in where to take the classes so long as the courses offered have met the standards of the state and the American Heart Association. This is important because the state will not allow you to take the certification test if you have taken your CPR training and classes in a school or with an instructor who are incompetent. So, to save your time and make your investments worth it, it would not hurt to research and do background check on the school of your choice. Not only you are sure to receive quality education, but you can also secure a slot for the CPR licensure exam in Ohio. In your first few years as a CPR instructor, you can expect to earn anywhere between $19,390 and $25,280. The salaries are affected by several factors like years of working experience, kind of work setting, license or certifications, and geographical location. For example, a new CPR classes and training Ohio instructor who works for Red Cross earns $24,000 per year. Other types of job where your CPR skills are a requirement include advanced life guard and paramedic. As an advanced life guard professional, you can earn anywhere between $24,000 and $27,000 per annum. Of course, the salary range can go higher up to $51,260 after you have acquired over ten years of working experience. This is especially for those working in the hospital as the job duties and responsibilities are often more difficult and demanding. Thus, the CPR practitioners get paid higher than if you are working in a community clinic.

Ohio's leading CPR certification and training providers

1. Lakewood City Schools Authorized by the American Heart Association and Red Cross, Ohio-based Lakewood City Schools offers quality education related to CPR, AED and first aid courses. These courses are open for both non-healthcare and healthcare practitioners. Additionally, the company is also approved 1456 Warren Road Lakewood, Ohio 44107 - http://www.lakewoodrecreation.com

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