If you want to work as a licensed CPR-paramedic in Oklahoma, you have to enroll in a CPR training school with courses that have passed the state standards. Learning how to perform CPR to victims of a mishap can save lives. You will learn how to save your friend’s life who could suffer from cardiac arrest anytime. CPR should be done properly and in good faith that you have to study its principles, clinical approaches and other aspects related to life support. Once the person stopped from breathing, CPR professionals only have 30 seconds to revive the victim and save his or her life from death. So it is a must to be trained by an experienced CPR classes and training Oklahoma instructor to prepare you for such medical emergency situations. An excellent CPR training program provider will offer you courses that are evidence-based and have followed the guidelines of the American Heart Association. You may consider the programs offered by the American Red Cross, Norman Regional Health System or the Oklahoma City Fire Department. There are also other independent CPR instructors who provide on-site instruction and training for all kinds of students as long as they are 18 years and above. Regardless of the institution, your CPR classes and training Oklahoma instructor should train you using his or her in-depth knowledge of medical emergency response, life support, anatomy and physiology and other healthcare-related topics. More importantly, you should be able to prepare yourself for the OK licensure exam for CPR students after you have successfully passed all program and state requirements. You can re-take the licensure exam thrice in a year, but failing the exam more than the given attempts would mean re-taking the CPR training program. Probably this time, you should hire a more qualified and competent CPR instructor to better your skills and theoretical knowledge on healthcare. If you have already passed the licensure exam, you can be a CPR instructor and start earning around $17,430 to $24,270 per annum in your first few years. The average salary of instructors in Oklahoma is $33,040, which is definitely higher than most jobs in the city. For over a decade of work experience, you can enjoy receiving an annual salary of $41,730. The highest CPR classes and training Oklahoma instructor salary you can get is $57,580. The salary range is affected by several factors like location, job title, type of work setting, years of working experience and certifications.

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