In most cases, sudden cardiac arrest is so intense that the sufferer may not know what to do to aid by himself immediately. Unfortunately this situation could cause the sufferer to collapse and die within seconds. So, immediate medical help from an ordinary passer-by would make a huge difference, which can alter the fatal situation into another chance to live. In Oregon, one survivor stands as witness to testify for a bill that will require CPR training for public high school students. Many other states in the US have already implemented a law like this like the AED law to increase chances of survival for heart disease patients as well as for those who suffer from respiratory diseases and drowning. So, the state of Oregon starts to rise to the occasion. In 2006, the CDC reported that 6,620 Oregonians died from cardiovascular diseases. This comprises 21.1 percent of overall deaths in the state, in which 6.3 percent are attributed to deaths caused by stroke. So, if you see becoming a licensed CPR as a career, now is the right time to pursue it. Oregon needs more and more CPR instructors than ever to moderately stop the increasing number of heart attack victims that usually lead to deaths. As a CPR classes and training Oregon professional, you will be responsible for taking care of patients in need of medical assistance outside of the hospital. You will respond to emergency situations and revive the patient in good faith until the EMT team arrives at the location. Obviously, this kind of healthcare job will require your solid focus while providing primary care to the patient; you must not panic. Depending on the type of work setting, your job responsibilities may vary. For example, if you want to be a CPR classes and training Oregon instructor, you will handle classroom instruction and clinical practice for your students. You must earn a license first, training certification from the OSHA and recognition from the American Heart Association to meet the state requirements. However, in your first year, it is recommended to work in a hospital to gain extensive experience in providing first aid and CPR to quite a big number of patients. Thus, you can improve your skills and techniques that you will soon share and teach to your students as their instructor. You can work for Red Cross or the state’s fire department where you can earn as high as $88,160 per annum.

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