To become a successful CPR instructor in Vermont, it is recommended to take both basic and advanced life support programs offered by VT-approved training schools. You must be 16 years old or older to enroll in a basic CPR classes and training Vermont program. You can then pursue this basic level to advanced training course to be a qualified CPR instructor. The training school should provide you teaching plans that will prepare you for the certification exams appropriate for your level. It is also important to know that CPR instructors follow certain guidelines when creating their teaching plans and courses. The current guidelines followed by the CPR training program providers include the National Standard Curriculum for the Emergency Medical Technician Basic of 1994 and the National Standard Curriculum for the First Responder of 1995. Both of these guidelines are based on the American Heart Association’s Standards for CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care. To make sure that you will only receive quality education, you should be aware of whether the CPR classes and training Vermont school adheres to the said standards and guidelines. This is crucial for your preparation, not only for the certification test, but also for the real scenarios. You should be able to respond clearly during medical emergency situations and perform CPR or first aid in good faith. Failure to do so might risk the life of your patient, or further injury may incur while he or she is under your care. Thus, your CPR instructor must prepare a comprehensive teaching plan for the students trained. After earning your basic and advanced life support certifications, you have a lot of options which career path to choose. For example, you can pursue a certification course for EMTs and Paramedics. Or, you can simply be a CPR instructor for the community while working as a volunteer for the many programs of Red Cross, state fire department or hospitals. As for the CPR classes and training Vermont instructor salary, the highest one you can get is $85,840 per annum. To get to this salary range, you need to have over 15 years of work experience and have already earned many other certifications. The lowest salary given to CPR instructors is $25,200, which makes the average salary $43,610 annually. In comparison to other states, the salary in Vermont is considered one of the highest today. In states like Utah and Texas, the average salary of CPR instructors only range from $35,000 to $42,000.

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