In District of Columbia, heart disease is cited as one of the main causes of death. The state tallies 28 percent of death casualties to people with heart disease, which is one of the largest in the country. In 2010, around 1,300 people died in DC because of the said health problem. This is definitely a wake-up call to fight heart disease by encouraging a healthier lifestyle, or by teaching the citizens how to respond to heart attack. What is even more alarming is that adults who are into more than 150 minutes of aerobics can suffer to heart disease. In fact, 150+ minutes of aerobics is a 57.6 percent risk factor for stroke and cardiovascular complication. This goes to show that aerobics trainer should learn how to perform CPR and provide first aid in case heart attack occurs in one of his or her adult students. Aerobics trainer can rely on several CPR classes and training District of Columbia schools for helping them earn a CPR license. Most schools offer comprehensive CPR training program where you can take advantage of the opportunity to work closely with AHA certified instructors. Working with highly skilled instructors is the key to have a better understanding of CPR and its concepts. You will learn how to specifically perform CPR to your adult students as well as to children. Thus, your CPR skills are more versatile and up-to-date. In DC, some training providers are willing to do an on-site teaching and CPR demonstration. On-site as in the instructor will go to your chosen location for training you effectively. This is perfect for CPR students who want to come in class in a large group. The instructor usually charge payments per student that could range from $10 to $56. The classes and clinical training may last up to 1 to 2 months. By this time, you should be ready to take the state CPR licensure exam and become eligible to practice anywhere within District of Columbia. After earning your license, you have just added another skill to your skill set. A great number of employers in DC have been considering CPR license as a pre-employment requirement from their recruits. It is because heart attack frequently happens in the workplace where there is smoke pollution. You can abruptly respond to medical emergency cases without hesitation because you know what the patient will need to survive such a situation.

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