West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the few highest paying states in the US for CPR instructors. The most experienced CPR trainer can get $80,050 per annum, which is also the highest salary available today. Newly licensed CPRs can earn from $16,760 to $18,730 annually making it quite a good start for first year practitioners. Plus, becoming a licensed trainer in WV can make an ideal career path for those who want to become a paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician. You will work along with fire fighters, CPR instructors, or paramedics depending on the work setting you have landed a job in. On an average basis, you can earn as much as $24,800 per year as a CPR trainer in WV. Before you can get your license, you must provide proper documentation to the CPR classes and training West Virginia school. This is part of the process wherein the department of higher education will have to double check your completion of the program requirements when passing your application for the basic CPR certification. After you have submitted the documentation sought by the state department of education, your certification card will include that all requirements by the program and the school have been met accordingly. This is why the department of education can easily verify if you have received your education from an institution that offers non-approved courses for CPR training. Thus, your application for the license is not valid. So you have to make sure in the beginning that your CPR classes and training West Virginia trainer is truly qualified to teach and his or her teaching plans are approved by the American Heart Association or by West Virginia itself. This will save you time, money and energy instead of dealing with delays and frustration. In the document that you have to submit to the licensure office, you must fill out the form completely. The document should also have a title and description of your completed training course and it must properly indicate that you have successfully passed emergency first aid, CPR and AED lessons. It shall also include the date of your training and the date when it was successfully complete. The certificate that your school must award to you is a part of the requirement as well. So keep a copy of the printed certification from your trainer to complete the document. If you have taken the CPR classes and training West Virginia program online, as long as you have met the requirements for passing the CPR, AED and first aid training you can still apply for the license.

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