Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Wyoming. People find it difficult to identify the symptoms when there is a sudden heart attack. Thus, it normally lead to death, with women being the primarily affected than men. This is where the help of a first responder becomes a solution to treat cardiac arrest victims. First responders or CPR trainers are trained to acquire the necessary life-saving skills to help a victim survive an injury, heart attack or choking. They are a part of the EMT team who arrive first at the site of the accident to give first aid and check up on the victims. In Wyoming, licensed CPRs can work in a variety of work places like the state fire department, private clinics, hospitals, child care centers, universities or colleges, and in private companies that specialize in CPR training. To become a life-saving rescuer, you must earn a license from a Wyoming-approved CPR school. You can either choose an online CPR classes and training Wyoming program or the traditional way. The most important thing is that your trainers have undergone extensive training conducted by the American Heart Association or Red Cross to verify their teaching skills and mastery of the established standards for the curriculum. Before an instructor starts the class, his teaching plans are first evaluated by the credentialing organizations to ensure quality education to be received by the students. Upon approval of the curriculum, it is only then your CPR classes and training Wyoming instructor can start offering the program. From this on, you can now feel confident that you are eligible for applying for the CPR certification. You must pass the academic instruction and hands-on CPR training phases. As a result, you will be awarded with a certificate for completing the requirements successfully. Earning your CPR license is a way to become a qualified instructor in Wyoming. During the first few years of your CPR career, you can earn $17,440 to $26,570 annually. It is highly recommended to keep a consistent teaching job as a CPR instructor to start earning higher salaries that could range from $61,150 to $78,390. This salary range is of course received by private CPR classes and training Wyoming instructors who have over 10 years of working experience. You can also opt to pursue other certification courses available for EMTs and paramedics. Such certification courses are also key to promotions at work, especially if you are working in a hospital.

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