10+ Important Safety / First Aid Tips for Beach Goers -


Summers is the time to hit the beach and while it’s fun investing in good beachwear and other gear, it’s equally important to educate yourself and your friends and family about some general safety tips for the beach.

Sure there are lifeguards and you can rely on them, but it never hurts to a little extra careful and there are places where you might not find a lifeguard. Many organizations, like American Red Cross have etched out beach safety tips and we are sharing them here for your awareness.

Basic Tips

  • The first step and the most obvious one, is to learn swimming.
  • Always swim in a beach that lifeguard protection and one that has specific areas for swimming only. Take heed of the instructions that lifeguards provide.
  • Before you hit the water, check out the weather condition and also make sure you are not swimming under any influence. Also do keep in mind not to swim all by yourself.
  • Stay informed about rip currents, as they are the cause of deaths at the beach.

What to do if you get caught in rip current?

The first thing to do is maintain your cool. Remain calm and avoid struggling with the current. Try swimming in parallel position. If you are unable to swim back to the shore, try to float. And if all attempts fail, shout out for help!

Safety Tips 

  • Wear life jackets that are US Coast Guard Approved only and definitely make kids wear them, when in and around the water. Avoid using floating objects whatsoever.
  • Keep kids and elderly individuals, within your eyes view.
  • Protect neck and avoid diving headfirst. Always keep in mind to check out the depth of the water prior to diving and abide by the diving instructions.
  • Look out for water animals and plants. They might look fascinating, but they can be really dangerous.
  • Check the warning flags and make sure to abide by the message displayed on them.
  • Always choose a spot to swim at the beach that is close to the lifeguard’s station.
  • Saving or being cautious yourself will not help; you should also look out for swimmers who are in need of help.
  • We all love the beach waves but we should also be aware of them. Waves are not simple ripples they are powerful. Waves are known to cause major injuries with their sheer power. So, be cautious about the waves and safeguard yourself from injuries like shoulder dislocation, broken collarbones, sprained spinal cord etc.
  • Be cautious of your health. Stay put in shades. Watch out for stroke or sun sickness. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, sun poisoning, heat stroke etc. can cause fatality.

Mother nature is beautiful. A beach looks truly divine, especially, if it is a white sandy and turquoise water beach. However, beach safety measures should not be taken lightly. Read these points thoroughly and get acquainted with every one before hitting the beach!


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