ACLS certification Course - Frequently Asked Questions -

What is the differentiation between 2 day class and 1 day recertification class?
 The 2 day class is an all-encompassing review of all material with videos and lectures. The second day is mostly kept for a practical session and hand experience under expert guidance.

The recertification class is intense fast review of the materials including lectures, videos and hands experience. The duration of the class is about 5 – 6 hours and completed in a single day.

What are the eligibility criteria for a re-certification class?
You should have a previous certification card which has expired. You can apply for re-certification course within one year from the date of the expiry.

Is pre-course exam essential before class?
Yes. Pre-course exam will help you grab the materials quickly. You can collect your result at the end of the class. Online tests are also available.

Do you need to have CPR before the class?
It is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Does ACLS is the advance level of BLS?
No. ACLS and BLS are completely different courses. For BLS certification you have to take BLS course.

What are materials required to bring in the classroom?
Bring all the hard copies of confirmation emails and also the document which proves you have given a pre-course test.

How much time does it require to receive the certification card?
Right after you qualify the exam, you can download the online version of the card in pdf format. The hard copy of your certificate will be shipped to you with in one working day. Depending on your location, the delivery date may vary. It generally arrives in 3 to 4 days. However, in case of International shipping, the time exceeds. If you pay additional prices, your shipment process will be made quicker.

Do you need to give a practical test to receive the
There is no need for in-person practical exam to receive your ACLS certification card or recertification card. In case your employer demands, a proficiency check off sheet is added to your course.

Do the charges and exams are similar in case of new certification and recertification?
You will be charged less for re-certificate course. The tests are also not as lengthy as new certification.

Do ACLS certification comes with a refund policy?
Many firms offer refund policy. The individual course also comes with 100 percent money back guarantee for a stipulated time frame.

Is there a time boundary on giving and qualifying the exam?
There is no time limit. Once you enroll your name in a particular course, you can spend as much time as you want to prepare and pass the test.

What will happen if you fail in the exam?
If you fail to crack the exam in the first attempt, you have 3 more attempts left. You will be informed where you went wrong and the questions that you answered incorrectly.

For how much time will the certification be valid?
The certification is valid for two years from the issued date of the card. You will get to see the expiry date and the date of initiation in your card.

How to get in touch with the ACLS training providers?
If you have any question, you can email the providers or peep into their contact pages from the internet. Experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it okay to go for more than one course at a time?
It depends on your capability. PALS, BLS and ACLS are different courses. It is advisable to go for one course at a time to learn the matter properly. However, there are many institutes who provide more than one course at the same time. They also offer alluring discounts for more than one course.

If you attempt to qualify the exam for the second time, do you have to pay some fees?
You do not have to make any additional payments for the attempts to pass the test.

What next after you qualify the test?
Ans.After you pass the test, you will get an online notification that you have qualified. You will also be shown the questions that you fail to answer. Once you download the pdf version of the certification, you can start practicing in the practical world. Your original copy will be delivered by post within few business days along with the purchase receipt.

What is the minimum score you need to get in order to succeed the test?
A score of 80% and above is required to qualify the ACLS certification course.

How many questions are safe to miss to get 80 % marks?
If there are 50 questions you cannot miss more than 10 questions, unless the other 40 questions are correct. In case of 25 questions, you have to attend 20 correct questions.

What are the shipping charges?
Shipping charges vary from institute to institute. There are training centers which provide free shipping within the nation.

What are the criteria to look for a training center?
You can browse the internet to find out training centers near your location which are certified legally. There are online courses available. In such cases, try to verify the authenticity of the center. It is advisable to go for reputed institutes.

If your card is lost and you have to apply for a new card, do you need to appear for a fresh exam again?
No. if your card is misplaced, you do not have to appear in a fresh test.  The previous score card will do the work.

What will happen if the certification is not accepted?
Generally, these cases are rare. If there is any problem from the training provider’s end, they claim to refund the money or make a new card based on the same exam score that you have got.

What if your card is lost?
Different training centers have different replacement fee to make a new card.  The fee somewhere revolves around 10 dollars.








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