(AHA) American Heart Association CPR Test Preparation -

(AHA) American Heart Association  CPR Test Preparation

The American Heart Association CPR Test is a sample test to improve your knowledge and better prepare for a your CPR test. This test  consists of 10 questions and takes less than 5 mins to complete. It’s free to take as many times as you like. We requires your name and email address before you can view results.

AHA Quiz for test preparation and general knowledge

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1. The correct sequence for basic life support is:


2. When assessing the victim, you should tap and ask ‘are you okay?”


3. For any victim, the correct compression rate is:


4. The suggested compression depth for an adult is:


5. A total of 5 breaths should be given to the patient and then the rescuer should immediately start chest compressions again


6. The cycle of 30 compressions and 2 breaths should be continued until the rescuer is physically unable to do so or professional rescuers arrive.


7. CPR compressions should be delivered hard and fast


8. If the child is unconscious and unresponsive, you should:


9. The correct sequence in the AHA Adult Chain of Survival is:


10. When assessing the victim, you should feel for a pulse for:


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(Note: we are not affiliated with AHA and this is not an official test) More information about how to prepare for your CPR test

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