Book Review: The Essential Guide to First Aid and Medical Emergency -

The forerunner of wilderness medicine, Paul Auerbach presents Medicine for the Outdoors. This book is by far the best assistance of wilderness travelers. In addition, if you are looking for advance first aid information, the book presents something which you can bet upon. The language is also simple to be understood by adults. It directs you the best way to respond to any clinical emergency that you may face while you are out in the wilds. Brimmed with methodical instructions, practical approaches and how-to justifications will help you grasp the meaning quickly. It makes you ready to handle first aid urgencies when help is miles away from you.

Say goodbye to old information and embrace recent updates on rising infectious disease, the updated drugs and their dosages, current making do-with-material manuals etc. So whether you are hiking a mountain; travelling in desert; or jet skiing in water, you should never forget to slip it in your backpack. However, honestly, professional medical persons can never be replaced by any book. But this book is written in layman’s language to assist you when emergency medical professionals are not present.

In short, with rationally organized practical solutions and easy to understand illustrations, the book may literally be a life saver.

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