Book Review: The Survival Medicine Handbook -

This 9×6×1.6 inches of handbook worth every single penny. It perfectly directs a layman how to be medically prepared for any mishap when there is no help near. Written by the Amy Alton and Joe Alton, it contains non-medical professional guidelines to handle terrible medical scenarios during the toughest time. When you start reading you will understand that this is not like a regular first-aid book. It presumes hospitals and doctors are out of your reach. The instructions and tools are advised to deal with illness and injuries all alone when you are standing at the end of the world. 

The lucid English, step by step instructions and concise solutions to 100 diverse medical crisis makes it a must have book in your bag. It is suggested to carry it with you while traveling, unless you memorize, because you never know when disaster knocks you down. Some of the topics covered are fractures, essential oils, abdominal pain, nosebleed, hepatitis, chest pain, kidney damage, gallbladder stones and much more. This expanded and updated edition is so much more than a reference book and needs to be present in every household. You may be disappointed with the dull colored pictures. But think it this way – colored pictures would have illustrated the same answer with a higher price!

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