CPR Instructor Salary and Career Information 2015 -

CPR Instructor Salary and Career Information 2015

Becoming a CPR Instructor is an exciting, rewarding and challenging career track. You will get to train emergency responders in classrooms and help them learn how to respond to medical emergencies on the field.

There are specialized and accredited programs offered by Training Centers associated with organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Red Cross or the American Safety and Health Institute. There is a certain age limit to which candidates must adhere in order to obtain the qualification. The minimum age limit varies from one center to the other. For example, the minimum age limit for Training centers affiliated to The American Red Cross is 17 years, while for the centers affiliated to the American Heart Association it is 16 years.

The CPR Instructor curriculum includes a detailed instruction on the CPR techniques. The theory being taught is then validated and assessed by allowing students conduct a practice session with a sample class. On successful completion of both, the student is considered to be qualified to take on students of their own. The course fee varies between individual training centers. It ranges from $125 – $225.

In February 2014, a survey finding reveals the average salary of a CPR Instructor as $28000. It is also seen through the same survey that the average CPR Instructor salaries 52% lower than the average salaries of the jobs posted across the nation.

MyMajors.com, a portal that helps students identify career options best suited for them, reveals that the average salary of a CPR Instructor is about $52,790 annually and $25.38 hour. The rate of increase in salary is obviously based on the increase in the number of certifications that are added to the qualifications of the CPR Instructor.

The salary of a CPR Instructor can vary depending upon the city or state where you are located. Bigger cities like Houston in Texas can pay you a handsome sum of $155,984. Coming up as a close second is New York City which churns out an annual salary of $146,074 to its CPR Instructors. Miami in Florida is known to dish out a modest salary of $135,085 a year to its CPR Instructors.

One of the lowest paying cities has probably been Phoenix in Arizona. A CPR instructor in Phoenix earns approximately $79,134. Chicago paying an annual salary $82,313 is a close second. The other cities which bring up the rear end of the salary scale include Charlotte, North Carolina clocking an annual salary of $90,830 and Dallas, Texas is paying $95,174 per year.

Full-time CPR Instructors are usually associated with hospitals, universities and community centers. Their principal activity in these institutions is to hold classroom sessions instructing students and paramedics the techniques and methodology of CPR. Fire Houses and various other local community centers have also invited CPR Instructors to impart voluntary sessions on the CPR techniques.

Working as a CPR Instructor may give new meaning to every individual’s life. While for some it could be a new career path, for some it could be an additional source of income. There may also be others who would like to take this up as a voluntary activity in an attempt to give back to the society. The career of a CPR Instructor can therefore help to redefine perspectives.

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