Dealing with Hazardous Substances -

Dealing with Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances or toxic vapors can further complicate an accident site. It is extremely important not to make any attempt to rescue unless you are sure that you will not get in contact with any hazardous substance. You should also ensure to move away the bystanders as these toxic fumes can travel with air to some distance.

Recognizing Hazhem symbols

Vehicles carrying hazardous substances will have a Hazhem symbol on the containers. If you see the letter F stay away from the spillage and inform emergency services about it.

If the casualty is unconscious?

Always assume there is a neck injury unless proved otherwise. Rest the head and neck on your hands, to help the casualty breathe freely. You should also, if available, apply a collar. To move the casualty, you will need 3 people

  1. One person to support the shoulders and chest
  2. Second person to support the hips and abdomen,
  3. And third person to support the legs.

If the casualty is trapped under a vehicle?

Before moving, mark the position of the vehicle and the casualty for police records first.

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