Essential First Aid Kit Items to Keep In Your Bag / Purse -


Accidents and injuries are like those annoying relatives or guests who drop in at your place uninvited. Good thing you can treat injuries and accidents, but unfortunately, you cannot get rid of the annoying guests!

Jokes apart, medical emergencies occur at any time or place. It is all about being ready and responsive enough to save a person or give immediate treatment, thereby, reducing risks and giving enough time for the arrival of professional assistance. First aid and medicine items are absolute vital necessities in injuries and accidents. When you are home, you should always stack your first aid kit with the essentials and updated medicines – from gauze, bandages, antiseptic creams, ice pack, prep pads, cough drops, tweezers, thermometer to tweezers. You can also purchase an assembled first aid kit, which comes with the inclusion of supplies for treating various wounds and medications for burns, blisters, bleeding, stomach aches, pains, sprains, allergies, dehydration, broken bones and strains.

It is also highly mandatory to have some basic first aid supplies present in your bag or purse all the time. You never know, when you might need them. For example, if you are diabetic or have to help a diabetic patient who have had sudden dip in his/her sugar level, you can simply grab hold of a candy bar or sugary item from your bag and get instant relief from fluctuating blood sugar level.

There are many reasons to have your purse or bag stacked with bandages, medications for aches and pains and similar first aid items, if you are a parent, teacher, nanny or even an individual yourself who is accident prone!

Here are few vital first aid items that must be present in your bag or purse all the time –

  • Tea bag – You can use it as a press for split lips. You need to dampen the tea bag and place on the affected area. Tea contains tannins, which aid in stopping bleeding from gum tissue and mouth.
  • Uncoated aspirin – This does not only treats headaches but also heart attack related symptoms. If you are experiencing or know of someone present with you, experiencing heart attack symptoms, simply chew an uncoated aspirin and immediately seek professional emergency assistance.
  • Superglue – This is ideal item because it aids in healing a shallow cut and aligning edges of skin together. All you need to do is rub a very thin layer on the affected area and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Hand sanitizer that is alcohol based –This is meant for cleaning your hands prior to eating or tending wounds, cuts and bruises of another person.
  • Band-aids and bandages – Band-aids for covering cuts and bruises and bandages for covering feet, if infected with blisters or aches.
  • Tweezers – Tweezers not only help you shape your eyebrows but also remove bug stingers, splinters and glass from bruises and cuts.

These first aid items are available easily from any store or your house only. They are meant for treating emergencies but not for long-term treatment process.

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