Fire Emergency Plan and Procedures -


Keeping your calm is very important because fire creates a lot of panic and puts a lot of people at risk. When facing a fire emergency, quickly warn people who can get affected and call emergency services immediately. Till help arrives try to calm down people who are panicking.

How to Evacuate a Building

When evacuating a building, help others get out fast and close all doors behind you. But do not put yourself at risk while doing so. Try to find fire exits and always use them if possible. Do not use elevators at all.

Arriving at a Fire Emergency Site

When arriving at a fire emergency site, always follow the STOP, OBSERVE and THINK rule before you proceed to help. Be aware of toxic or explosive substances that could catch a fire and cause major damage. If you are not sure, wait for emergency services.

How to Deal with Fire

To stop and curtail a fire, you need to diffuse one of the 3 components of the triangle of fire, which are Ignition, Source of fuel and oxygen. If you cut of one of these you can curtail and eventually extinguish a fire.

When someone’s clothing is on fire

Stop the casualty, drop him/her down and roll them. Try to wrap the person with a non-flammable material before rolling. If water is available, douse the victim.

If you are trapped in building on fire

Find a room that has a window and close the door of that room so that more fire does not get in and the oxygen level increases. If you are passing through a room on fire, keep low down.

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