First Aid for Multiple Casualties -

Dealing with Multiple Casualties

During major emergencies such as accidents, natural hazards etc where there might be multiple casualties, the first job of the first aider is to immediately contact for professional help and emergency services.

Once that is done, as a first aider, you should first assess the scene and start giving first aid. Ensure that you do not change any of the evidence on the scene as this information is important for police and legal inquiry. If more first aid volunteers also arrive, let the most experienced one take charge. If the lead first aider asks you to leave the scene, you should do so as advised. When professional help arrives, they might also ask you to leave the scene, you should always cooperate with them. Sometimes they might ask you to get involved in smaller tasks such as helping with first aid equipment, holding bandages etc, just follow advice.

If you are allowed to stay on the scene, you can provide great help by doing the following

  • See which casualties are more serious. You should identify them and provide them first aid. If the casualty has a minor injury you can attend to them later. For casualties who have expired, you should have the professional services deal with them.
  • Another important area is logging information of the casualties. You can do so by finding out their identity cards etc. this should be provided to professional services.

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