Know the 1970s Disco Hit "Stayin' Alive", You can Perform CPR! -

Know the 1970s Disco Hit “Stayin’ Alive”, You can Perform CPR!

The method of performing CPR has taken a new turn. The American Heart Association is now promoting two steps to save a life. This means that now you can also learn CPR if you have:

1) a determination to carry out hard chest compressions to save someone’s life and

2) a familiarity with the song “Stayin’ Alive”; the famous 1970s disco hit by Bee Gees

Organizations like American Heart Association and American Red Cross are now going for the most easiest way of teaching CPR i.e. the hands-only CPR and leaving out the very difficult mouth to mouth resuscitation method they had been teaching in the past.

CPR is now just about pressing down hard and fast on the chest of the victim until the arrival of the ambulance or someone with an AED. The interesting part is that the beats of the song “Stayin’ Alive” pretty much goes with the CPR rhythm of hundred chest compressions per minute.

With sudden cardiac arrest being the number reason of death in the United States of America, the American Heart Association is striving to make CPR more easy and accessible to general public.

According to the former president of AHA’s Washington DC chapter, Reginald Robinson: “It’s important to dispel the notion that CPR is difficult to learn. People have put off learning CPR because they can’t find the three or four hours many courses take, but you don’t need that whole long course anymore unless you’re planning on being an expert in advanced lifesaving. Lay people need the basics, and that will save lives.”

For this reason, the AHA and other organizations are spreading the word by arranging online video training classes, classes at shopping malls and fire stations and also through flash mobs. They say that it is extremely important to begin performing CPR on a person who has collapsed and is not breathing.

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