Mayor Ted Gatsas Performs CPR to Save His Friend's Life -

Mayor Ted Gatsas Performs CPR to Save His Friend’s Life

CPR is indeed a lifesaving technique. On Friday 3rd April, 2015, Mayor Ted Gatsas saved the life of his close friend, David Wihby by performing well-timed and uninterrupted CPR in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In accordance with the police report obtained by the New Hampshire Union Leader, David Wihby, who is a political insider, was taken into custody in Nashua on Friday about 5 p.m. on a prostitution related charge. However, after two hours he was released from the police custody.

According to the report when Mayor Gatsas came to know about Wihby’s arrest, he rushed to his house at around 8:30 p.m. and found his friend in a very suspicious condition. His lips had turned blue and he was not able to breathe properly. Without wasting any time, the mayor called 911 and follow the instructions provided by the operator who asked him to start giving CPR to Wihby.

The police report declares that, “Mr. Gatsas was not able to pull Mr. Wihby to the floor but started CPR while he was on the bed. He was also performing rescue breathing.”

Mayor Gatsas suspected that due to the arrest, Wihby overdosed some medicines as the police also found a medicine prescription in the bedroom.

The medical condition of Wihby is unconfirmed. Gatsas continued performing CPR till the arrival of the Manchester Fire Department. After that the rescue workers stared taking measures to save Wihby’s life.

According to the Police report, the ambulance took Wihby to Catholic Medical Center; however, the hospital spokesperson Donna Dubuc declared that there is no record of a patient by that name in the hospital. Dubuc also explained that hospital patients have the right to prohibit the disclosure of their medical status to the public.

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