Opening Airway - Basic Resuscitation Techniques Series -

This is the 2nd installment of our Basic resuscitation techniques series for first aiders. Read the first part here. In today’s part, we will discuss in detail the Opening of Airway of an unconscious casualty.



An unconscious casualty’s airway maybe blocked / chocked which makes it difficult to impossible to breath. This happens because the muscular control in the throat finishes and that results the tongue to fall back and block the airway.  Lifting the chin and tilting the head back lifts the tongue away from the entrance to the air passage, allowing the casualty to breathe.



1 Placing two lingers under the point of the casualty’s chin, lift the jaw.

At the same time, place your other hand on the casualty’s forehead, and gently tilt the head well hack.

IF you think that there are head or neck injuries, handle the head very carefully to avoid injuring the casualty further. Tilt the head back very slightly — just far enough to open the casualty’s airway:



Kneel beside the casualty and put your face close to his mouth. Look, listen, and feel for breathing.

  • Look along the chest to see if the chest rises, indicating breathing.
  • Listen (or sounds of breathing. + Feel for breath on your cheek. Do these checks for up to ten seconds before deciding that breathing is absent.

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