How to Teach kids to Dial 911 -

Teaching children to dial 911 is not different from teaching adults about the same. There are 3 steps to look out for

  1. Know when it is the right time to dial 911
  2. Let the person taking the 911 call, know about your location
  3. Stay put on the call, until and unless help or advice is provided

At what age should you teach kids to dial 911?

Kids are perceptive to the core. You should teach them to dial 911 during an emergency, whenever they are showing signs of their ability to use the phone. Parents and adults might find it a challenge to train kids to handle emergencies and situations of crisis. However, the faster you train kids with these skills and knowledge, the better it will be for them.

Currently, 911 is the only number for every emergency. Earlier there were specific numbers for a specific type of emergency. Once you call 911 with an emergency, the operator will quickly take the requisite information from you and put you in direct contact with the person who is in charge of that particular emergency. This process only makes delivering results and taking the necessary action on time and with success.

Steps to teach kids to dial 911

 You should first teach your kid to react and call 911 instantly, during a crisis or emergency.

Step 1

Always make sure to teach kids to use the house phone for dialing 911. This is because, the location is immediately detected and the kid will not require spending time in giving location related details.

Step 2

As mentioned above, teach kids not to hang up the call. The 911 operators keep kids engaged until the arrival of a responder.


Step 3

At the end of the day, you should remember that we are talking about kids here. They are bound to get anxiety bouts and nervousness when experiencingan emergency. Therefore, teach them to understand the situation and remain calm.

Step 4

Teach the kids to first tell their name to the operator.

Step 5

We should teach the kids not to dial 911 just for fun or play with the process. Furthermore, they should answer the questions aptly or if they don’t know the answer, inform the call-taker about the same.

Step 6

Teach the kids to listen to the operator at the other end of the phone. This is because the call taker will ask certain questions repetitively.

Step 7

The best way to teach kids to dial 911 is by training them with a make-believe phone or an unplugged one. Adults can pretend to be the call-taker and act in the same manner, asking them questions, and enquiring about the crisis in hand.


Many parents or adults make it easier for kids to handle a 911 situation by teaching them to dial 911 through songs. This way, kids find it easier to understand and learn and are more receptive in the process. Teaching kids requires the process of training them with the basic concepts and acting out real life situations.





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