Rhode Island

Rhode Island is now another state that has recently passed a new legislation that will require public high school senior students to be educated in CPR. These students will also learn how to operate an automatic external defibrillator (AED). This in turn can bring significant changes in the number of deaths in the state caused by heart diseases and stroke. It seems that an immediate medical response to be provided to a cardiac arrest patient outside of hospital can make a big difference. The expected result is that anyone who collapses anywhere in the public place or at home can be saved by giving chest compressions or mouth to mouth resuscitation. This goal can only be achieved if there will be more people; from teenagers to adults, who know how to administer CPR and first aid to victims. With thousands of deaths due to heart attack that occur in Rhode Island, becoming a certified CPR would make a great career. There are several job opportunities that will be made available after the new legislation takes effect on school year 2014-2015. Schools would be looking for qualified CPR classes and training Rhode Island instructors to train teachers and students. As an instructor, you can earn as much as $18,700 during your first year. The highest salary CPR instructors can earn per year range from $51,030 to $81,360, which is one of the highest salaries for CPR professionals in the eastern region. Aside from this lucrative opportunity, you can also choose from a wide array of work settings where you can practice as a licensed CPR. You can be a part of the paramedic team in a hospital. You can also opt to work in private practice where you can earn higher salaries annually since most CPR classes and training Rhode Island instructors charge $50 per student. To study CPR, institutions like the American Red Cross and the state Fire Department offer state-approved courses. You can also look for licensed CPR instructors in private practice to provide you on-site training and whom you can work closely with. There are also online training courses offered in Rhode Island where you can experience convenience in terms of not experiencing the hassles of traditional schooling and can study in your own pace. However, attending the practical training in the facility is required as part of the state requirements. You must pass both classroom instruction and practical training to be able to sit for the state licensure exam a few weeks after the program completion.

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