South Dakota

South Dakota has an AED law that protects the person who performs CPR to patients from a liability. Another use of this law is that it allows private people to provide AED in their own place or office as a medical response to medical emergency situations. For example, an employee suddenly breakdowns in the work place because of cardiac arrest, a person knowledgeable of CPR can then revive the victim by using traditional CPR techniques or AED. If the victim suffered another injury while being revived, the CPR professional who gives CPR is then not liable for the injury incurred as long as he or she acts in good faith. This why it is recommended to undergo thorough CPR training in South Dakota, to better equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge of life support. If you are interested in becoming a licensed paramedic, you may consider applying for the American Heart Association’s CPR classes and training South Dakota program. You may also consider the training program offered by other institutions as there are plenty out there. You just need to find what is most convenient for you since the training will require over 50 percent of your commitment to it. The first few weeks of the training will be spent on classroom instruction, or online class, if you signed up for an online training course. Be aware that there are CPR courses that are not recognized by the state, so carefully check the courses offered by the institution you are choosing before applying for an admission. Unable to do so might waste your time and effort as non-recognized CPR courses would mean ineligibility to take the certification exam. The safest way to go is to secure a slot in a program offered by American Red Cross, AHA, and other state-approved schools. In South Dakota, the certification is valid for two years. This also means that you have to renew your license every now and then to be able to work as a CPR instructor. Your license can be easily renewed if you have maintained constant instructing activities. In fact, CPR classes and training South Dakota trainers receive as high as $40,700 per year. On an average basis, the annual salary is $29,740 while the lowest amount is $24,450. Salary range depends on your work experience, type of work setting, designation, certifications earned, and location. Overall, becoming a CPR trainer in SD is a good career option for those who recently graduated from high school.

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