Wearable Defibrillator for Helping Heart Patients -

Wearable Defibrillator for Helping Heart Patients

The American Heart Association just issued a conclusion of the first science advisory on the devices i.e. a vest that contains a defibrillator which can aid heart patients who cannot use an implantable defibrillator important for shocking back the heart to a proper rhythm when required.

However, the advisory warned that still there are certain gaps in knowledge regarding these devices and so, they must only be used as a temporary option for particular heart patients.

According to Dr. Jonathan Piccini, the advisory’s lead author, “They serve an important niche, but there is relatively limited evidence about their effectiveness and safety. We need research and clinical trials to figure out which patient populations they should be applied to and what the relative benefit is.”

This vest containing the defibrillator is worn under the clothes. It gets connected with the body through electrodes. A laptop size battery is attached. Whenever, this device senses an irregular heartbeat, the vest alerts the patient through alarm sounds that becomes more louder with time. If the device is not stopped by the patient to tell that it is a false alarm, this wearable defibrillator detects that the patient’s life is in danger. After which the device emits some gel onto the patient’s chest which helps in conducting electricity and giving shock.

Different studies and research have shown that this wearable defibrillator shocks patients properly between ninety and hundred percent of the time; however, one to two percent of times, patients get shocked when not required.



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