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Abstract Thoughts

From the moment we were born, we began to have thought. It is undetermined what that thought is, but the scientist has been trying to figure out a pattern that could exist based on family traits, andas we get older, we began to have abstract thought. But this thought is entertained by the things we see around us. Moreover, what percentage of that thought stays with us as we reach adolescents? Beyond adolescents comes a plethora of traits from family, friends, and enemies. That percentage of thought is still unknown but is magnifying. What is important is how we translate those thoughts and turn them into images of something good. These adolescents are teenagers with an intense capability and need to be curious and learn.

As teenagers, boys and girls roam through the years with the intent to explore the world around them. They discover and interpret cell phones, cars, motorcycles, computers, video games, movies, sports, and just about anything else that appears to be interesting. But everything that is interesting is not good especially when illegal drugs, violent behavior, and committing crime are involved. These are thoughts that are picked up along the way. It is also where interpretation plays the most important role of the teenager’s life. This thought transcribes into physicality when the teenager’s action determines what path his or her life will end up, and family traits ignored.

Traits that are imparted by the family are interpreted in many ways. However, what is imparted is not always remembered. These teenagers have for so many centuries proven that some are weak and are easy to coerce. They fall to drugs, bad behavior, including minor and violent crimes, skipping or dropping out of school, and avoiding the advice of their parents. These boys and girls face the consequences of an exhausted legal system. What could those consequences be?

Each year the media speaks about teenagers who are seriously injured, drugged and die interrible traffic collisions involving the use of alcohol and drugs. Some teenagers are awakened from a comatose state of heroin use. If someone hadn’t given them a lifesaving antidote, those teenagers would be dead or suffer asevere brain injury.  The consequences are prison time, paralysis, chronic pain that last a lifetime, diseases from sleeping on the streets and from injecting themselves with a dirty and used needle, impotence, sterility, and the dismemberment of one’s arm(s) or leg(s).

These are events that occur from thought transcribed incorrectly. Teenagers must develop their way of thinking; one that will permit them to strive and achieve greatness. When thought is transcribed incorrectly, the consequences will prevail. But if thought is transliterated correctly, the greatest victories from academia to leadership at the uppermost level will prevail. Most importantly, when thought is transliterated correctly, life and love will prevail.

Therefore, take the time to think when approached by people who you call a friend or is a stranger. Look at every aspect of what he or she wants you to do. If what they want you to do is smoke cigarettes, consider the consequences. If he or she wants you to get in a car while they drive drunk, consider the consequences. If he or she wants you to introduce drugs into your body, consider the consequences, and if he or she wants you to partake in anillegal activity that brings harm to others or property, consider the consequences.

In this life, we live only once, but there are times when we can be revitalized from a brief episode of death that are brought on by accidental trauma or sickness. In fact, we are getting better at it with basic skills called CPR and advance cardiac life support. Even the teenagers can learn this skill, so prepare for the worst. Good abstract thought is the key to success. How we use abstract thought is a skill that is brought on by family traits taught to us by our parents and those who care about our well-being.

Finally, the ability to resist bad behavior and move towards a productive and positive future comes from the way we transcribe anabstract thought. You as a teenager control it, and you as a teenager are the only one who can take on the physicality of the demands. The questions are, will you do it and will you do it right. The choice belongs to you and you alone.

I know you can!

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