CPR Instructor As a Profession - Is It a Career Worth Pursuing? -

CPR Instructor As a Profession – Is It a Career Worth Pursuing?

When the census is taken in the United States, honesty is supposed to prevail. What does that mean? Well, that means there are people who improperly fill out their census form which provides a false number of the population of the country. That’s truly unfortunate! However, the census that was presented in 2013 has a total population of 313.13 million human beings enjoying the benefits of the motherland, known as America. On the other hand, the total population of the world is 7.12 billion, give or take 100 or 200 million.

How many of these people are healthy? How many of them are unhealthy? Based on the fact that you hear sirens blasting through the streets about every five minutes (depending on where you live) the answer may just be 50-50.This turns out to be a very large number of people. So why are so many people unhealthy?

The answer can only lie in research which will forever change. Although there are people who have turned over a new leaf and maintain their gym membership by at least participating for 30 to 45 minutes three times a week, there are still some who are couch potatoes, heavy beer drinkers, smokers, drug users, and those who just don’t believe in a healthy lifestyle. Those people are the reason why a career as a CPR instructor just might be a good choice.

When a person chooses to have a sedentary lifestyle and completely ignore the signs of a stroke, heart attack, cancer, glaucoma, etc. they have to accept the fact that someone is going to attempt to save their life by performing simple and basic maneuvers called cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Understand that CPR (which is typically what this discussion is about) is a skill that if done properly have been proven to save lives. Certainly we as certified instructors can’t do anything about the cancer, the glaucoma, or those other ailments, but we undoubtedly can educate a very large group of people to do basic skills to restart a stopped heart; at least until advance life support arrives. Will you get rich from it?

Are you in the business to save a life? Or are you in the business to make money like most of our politicians who tend to put themselves first before the interest of the country? It really depends on how much work you do.

When you look at the monetary value for your services as an instructor, it just might pay your bills if you intend to be an organization or a training center. One thing for sure is that money is not what it takes (in a moment’s notice – literally) in order to save someone’s life. Honesty is the key. Instructors must teach the right curriculum based on the training network they are affiliated with i.e., AHA, American Red Cross, and others. The rules must be followed without question and the amount of time it takes to train people should not be shortened because some students may not have time to attend the entire course. Hence, there are instructors who break the rules which turns out to be less beneficial for the students and the victim that student may end up taking care of.

So, do you get rich from it? And the final answer is “yes and no.” It really depends on how hard you work on. However, one thing for sure is that a vast majority of the people out there who teach CPR are not doing it to become rich. They are doing it because they have a great big heart that is filled with goodness, kindness, and they enjoy the feeling of saving someone’s life: even if it’s someone they may not know.

Finally, CPR instructors are increasing in number, every year. And along with that, policy will change, practices will change, procedures will change, and technical skills will change. What will not change in a vast majority of human beings are their sedentary lifestyle, the heavy beer drinking, the bad habits, and people who just don’t care about themselves. This along with the natural occurrences of illnesses, accidents, and traumatic events from evil people that leads to cardiac arrest will forever require the needs of ordinary people to simply perform a lifesaving skill.

With over 7.15 billion people on the planet and most of them with hereditary issues and bad habits, CPR instructors are widely needed. You are in a group of people who have the power to extend your skills to individuals who will make a difference. All it takes is to simply have someone stop and render care. That care may just allow that person who suffered cardiac arrest to walk home and enjoy their family once again. And this is all because of an incredible and caring CPR Instructor.

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