Your Grandparents Need you the Most! -

Your Grandparents Need you the Most!

We are your grandparent’s and you first recognized us when you stayed with us while your mom and dad wondered off on vacation. We lifted you up and hugged you; we smiled when you smiled, and we took you to the park and a bigger world class entertainment center such as Disneyland, Disney World, or Universal Studios. We took care of you as we noticed how strong your love for us grew over the years. We noticed in your eyes and your smile how you enjoy each moment with us.

You are now an adult, working and making money. You get married and have kids. This means that time did not stop, and neither did the aging of your grandparent’s. What comes with aging is the wear and tear of the human body. It is no doubt that we will wear out, just like equipment gets rusty, grass turns yellow, and the hair on our face and head turn gray.

In the simplest terms, what we just mentioned is called responding to the call of mother and father time. Yes, we are old where we can’t run like we use too, we can’t swim like we use too, and we can’t pick you up over our heads and smile like we use too. We can only sit on our chair and have you come to us so that we can squeeze you lesser than we could before. It is the same love as it was when you were a little tike. It was a time when we took care of you. Now it’s time for you to take care of us.

Our age brings medical conditions that may require your assistance. Sometimes we fall; we may need a little help getting back up. Our vision may diminish to the point where we need help picking out that fruit, or cooking dinner. But the most important help that we need from you is to provide a life-saving skill that will allow us to see and hug you once again, on another day.

Every day, elderly people suffer from cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is a condition that occurs when the heart completely stops. There is no breathing, and if you don’t start this life-saving technique within minutes, we will never wake up again. The skill of restarting the heart is simple and done by children as young as seven and eight years old. This skill is called cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Let us understand it a bit further.

Cardiac arrest usually doesn’t start abruptly. It can present as a vague feeling in the chest, jaw, neck, back or upper abdomen. It can even present as a toothache. Or it can sneak on you and drop you like a hot potato. The symptoms and related information about CPR can be learnedin a CPR class. The value is worth all the love and money in the world. To be brief, here’s an example of how to do CPR.

The ill person, usually an elderly person must be placed on a firm surface, such as the floor. Sometimes we fall to the floor and are already in position to receive CPR. Other times, we go into cardiac arrest in our sleep and will need to be placed on the floor. Once on the floor, place your hands on the center of our chest and slide them down just a bit. Now push hard and fast. Of course, before you do this, call 911 so the paramedics can start driving our way. Keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing. Don’t stop until help arrives, either from another person who knows how to do CPR or emergency services has arrived. You can also stop if we wake up and have a pulse. It would also be nice if we had an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). Having an AED is a valuable tool because many times cardiac arrest needs to be shocked and the AED can do that. Success does occur, and before you know it, we hug you once again.

As grandparents, we need you; Aging is a natural occurrence, and it does not mean that we have to depart this world right now. If you give us the opportunity to live and see another day, a feeling of overwhelming goodness will shroud your entire body.

You took the time to take a course in CPR, and when the time came, you used that knowledge and brought back to life, someone who has loved you for your entire life. From your grandparent’s, we thanked you and asked that you do just one thing extra; share your knowledge and pass the word because grandparent’s need you the most.

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