Life is Everything! -

Life is Everything!

For many of us, life is just a blur as we traverse from one end of the spectrum to the other. We start as babies and progress to the limits of our mortal bodies, which for most people is 70 years. In between that time, we engage in whatever activity that presents itself before us. Those activities could be videogames, such as Nintendo, PlayStation, Atari games, and computer activities. Of course, those are the electronic aspects of the things presentedto us but what about other things such as, school, sky, sea, drugs, alcohol, death, space, and science. Those are the occupations that will deliver us from a world of confusion, which is, for the most part, everything. But then, is everything good?

Everything is everything! But everything could be school. It depends on how we look at it. If we look at everything as being safe and secure, then we will have no problem with the things presented in front of us. Not always are electronics innocuous for us. And not always is sky, sea, drugs, alcohol, space and science safe for us, school is a completely different ball of wax. If we didn’t have school, we would be in a category of Neanderthal where we learn from trial and error; can you imagine how long that would take if we started our lives without school all over again? There would never be a tomorrow.

What we want to do is regulate our lives to the point that we have planned appropriately for tomorrow. How do we do that? Well, we start with ourselves; we make valuable choices that will stretch to our next generation. Our children must see that what we do, the decisions we make and the steps we take are good and free of coercion, drugs, and self-annihilation. Even more, our children must see that we are skilled in the art of simplicity. For instance, if the light bulb blows out, they see that we replace it. If the tire on the car develops a flat, our children watch us change it. When we are hungry, our children see that we make them food. And when one of our family members are sick and injured, our children see that we know what to do. They watch us do it.

Everything we do isobserved by our children, starting from less than age one. To protect and help them make good life choices, we must do so ourselves. Of all the good things presented in front of us, one thing stands to fit in the uppermost category. That is the ability to act quickly and efficiently when the enemy’s of life attacks us. The enemies of life come in the forms of sickness and injury. Some are so powerful that they can take the breath right out of our lungs. Some are so powerful that they can eliminate the functional capability of our heart and brain.

Our children will watch as we move systematically to combat the attacks from the enemy because we attended school and learned how to do that. When the enemy stops us from breathing, we breathe for our loved one. When the enemy stops our brain from working, we move quickly with steps to reverse the damage. When the enemy stops our family member’s heart from beating, we make it beat by artificial means.

You see; everything we do and everything we don’t do is witnessed and learned by our children. If they see us doing good things, they will do good things. If they see us doing bad things, they will do bad things. And if they see us saving the life of our family member, they will do that same when the opportunity arises during their travels in this spectrum from young to old.

It is no secret that most people prefer not to get involved with people he and she do not know. But think about it from the standpoint of the family. What happens when that person who needs you is your family, and you have not gone to school to learn what to do when the enemy attacks?

It’s simple. Life is not long. Life is short. Take the opportunity to gather in one or two of those activities that present themselves in front of you. Don’t let it pass. Stop it and gather in life-saving information that could be transcended or improved by your children. It’s the way we learn. It’s the way we survive and know this; nothing is going to change unless you make it change. Everything is life! Everything is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). You are everything!

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