Infant CPR and Life Saving Tips for New Parents -

Infant CPR and Life Saving Tips for New Parents

Starting a family is the American dream. Today, that dream extends to every country in the world. Of course, having a family includes not only mom and dad but brother and sister siblings as well. More than that, being prepared to face society which includes enjoying life and handling personal emergencies presents as a standard that all adults must be accustomed. However, when couples marry and become new parents, each one should know and understand the essentials of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

We know that breathing and a heartbeat is important to survive. Sometimes the breathing stops and shortly afterward, the heartbeat stops. The essentials include knowing what to do when someone in your family stopped breathing and how to restart the heartbeat after it stops. The technique is a simple task that requires two hands or one hand depending on how old the family member is.

When performing CPR on adults, the hands are placed in the center of the chest and is supposed to be in between the nipple line. However, nipple lies may vary so placing your hands in the center part of the chest is a good place to start. For some people, doing CPR on children is frightening because the child or baby is small, and the family factor kicks in which is the love of the child.

Doing CPR on your own child is extremely difficult, but somehow new parents are going to have to step beyond personal emotions and take the steps to save the child’s life. The simple steps is to get the heart beating again and since children typically stop breathing first, assisting their breathing can sometimes prevent the heart from stopping which is cardiac arrest.

Some people are afraid to do mouth to mouth resuscitation because of multiple diseases and germs that can be spread. However, for the new parents doing mouth-to-mouth on your own child should be done without hesitation. Simply breathe for the child every six seconds by placing your mouth over the child’s mouth. For the infant, placing your mouth over the infant’s mouth and nose and breathing every six seconds is sufficient. Of course, you want to call 911 and get a defibrillator if you have one. Unfortunately, households within the United States and other countries abroad do not have Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

Chest compressions and rescue breathing are the essentials of CPR. CPR must be done as soon as possible on a person who become suddenly unconscious and doesn’t have a pulse. Sometimes breathing is present but is not sufficient, and CPR needs to be done. Also, in some children, the heart rate may be too slow, perhaps in the rate of 20, 30, or even 40 beats per minute. If the child is unconscious and barely breathing or not breathing CPR must be started immediately. Furthermore, there are many reasons why a child or even adult will go into cardiac arrest but even if you don’t know what caused the heart to stop, do not disregard CPR. CPR must be started without delay.

New parents should take a full CPR course. The course explains why and when to do CPR, and it talks about what to do about choking, and the instructor will give a brief introduction on the symptoms of stroke and what to do about it. For stroke, cardiac arrest, and respiratory arrest, time is of the essence and getting to the hospital is imperative. Even more, one of the foremost responsibilities and duties of performance CPR is to call for help and get Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responding as fast as possible.

Becoming new parents is a joyful and exciting experience as raising children turns out to be a challenge field with surprises, excitement, and perseverance. Becoming new parents means being ready to move forward by having your finances in order, perhaps already own a house, and have a job that can support a family and put money away for the kid’s college fund. Therefore, being prepared to raise a family requires a promise from both parents that extends to the children to be ready in case an emergency arises. It is not a good idea to be unprepared when an emergency occurs, and the ultimate emergency is when a family member breathing stops, and their heart goes in cardiac arrests. The task is simple, and the CPR course is affordable to take. Extend the love to your family by taking a CPR course. The results could turn out to be a thankful, tearful, and favorable adventure that made a difference in the lives of new parents.

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