What Makes Teaching Security Guards Unique? -

What Makes Teaching Security Guards Unique?

Teaching security guards is a unique opportunity to pass on valuable information to those that have already committed themselves to help others. Security guards approach the learning of life saving skills with a seriousness that they impart to the rest of their tasks.

What I have found is that security guards like to devote their time to doing the right thing. They enjoy what they do and that enables them to do a very good job for the people they serve. It also is reflected in how they approach the learning process. They are very dedicated to finding out how to learn the necessary techniques to save a life.

When I teach security guards I find they approach it very seriously. Many of the stories that they tell me about their activities reflect the seriousness of what they do, and it highlights the quality and talent that they lend to their profession.

Security guards that I have taught and there have been many, approach the subject of saving lives with the same seriousness they exhibit in the rest of their endeavors. When they practice the skills they are focused on making sure that what they do is exactly what they are supposed to do. They devote the time necessary to perfecting the skills and show that they are able to use the skills when the time comes.

In teaching security guards throughout the state I have noticed that they enjoy learning what we teach them and in the case of First Aid training they are more than willing to apply all of the techniques that they have learned to serve the people in their community.

When practicing CPR they are especially focused on making sure the compressions go deep enough and at the appropriate rate. We used to hum John Travolta’s Stayin Alive as the song for at least 100 per minute. Now I have them hum Beyonce’s Single Lady. I also have to caution them about not blowing too hard when giving breaths because they want to save the victim so badly. I must say that they have been very receptive to constructive feedback.

I guess you could say that teaching security guards is similar to teaching police officers and firefighters. They seem to have the same determination and dedication in helping others as do their counterparts in the other emergency services.

For this reason it is a pleasure to teach them the life-saving skills they require.

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