June: The National Safety Month -

June: The National Safety Month

As the years go by and we learn new strategies and ways to create danger, we have to counteract and create safety for those dangers.  Well June is now National Safety Month and there are many campaigns out there and June is kicked off with the first seven days of the month being CPR/AED Awareness Week.  The American Heart Association, launched a national campaign during CPR Awareness Week focusing on hands only CPR in hopes more people will take the initiative to learn CPR and help more people who may be in distress.  There are similar campaigns with the American Red Cross as well as the National Safety Council.

My company did launch a tandem campaign revolving around National Safety Month and currently offering Lunch and Learns and Breakfast with Barbara sessions about an hour long talking about other safety issues that concern in communities such as senior communities where they still live independently but need to start thinking about slips, trips and falls as well as living in an area where we severe weather including tornados and what to do in the event of local disasters.

There are many programs for all ages out there that can be scaled back to introduce people to safety and if they want to take a full class then they can do so at a later date, but June is a perfect month to do some short introductions to what all is available.  One program particularly we are working on is the awareness of hands only CPR, I have had the great pleasure of meeting a young lady who is in the pageant circuit using this as her platform for safety.  I was able to meet with Miss Central Arkansas and talk about what she is doing and before school had dismissed for the summer, she was going to schools, community centers and other places, promoting the hands only CPR to all ages.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and the passion she has for this subject.

Other safety subjects that might interest you are not only the slips, trips and falls but the youth program BAT which is Basic Aid Training by the American Red Cross and it is geared toward the 7-8 year olds. I would highly suggest contacting a health and safety instructor to come and talk to your community on anything that you have a concern about.  We are transitioning in to summer and hot weather so water safety is another subject that might be of interest to some people especially if you live near a swimming pool or a lake.  Drowning is a little tricky when it comes to safety because if you are not trained and try to help someone you could become a victim yourself, and there are a few tips that can be discussed to assist without getting into the water such as life preservers that can be utilized.  These are just a few tips of subjects we have been discussing in our community to bring awareness to other certification classes that can be taken.

Don’t hesitate, call your local health and safety instructor today to schedule a time to have a lunch an learn on safety concerns.

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