The Season of Tornado and Thunderstorms -

The Season of Tornado and Thunderstorms

Spring is in the Air and so are the Tornado and Thunderstorms!

Living in one of the southern states that has been plagued by natural disaster, we find that we are often time ill equipped for even minor injuries sometimes.

Arkansas sees its share of threatening weather over the years and since being a CPR instructor and volunteering with Red Cross Disaster Services, I have seen firsthand enough pain an injury that comes with the aftermath of severe thunderstorms and tornados.

First Aid Kits – home and auto—one of the simplest things we can do to help take care of ourselves is create a custom first aid kit for our specific home and then a mini kit to keep in all our autos.  We have an increase in minor injuries when cleaning up after the storm and having stocked first aid kits will help increase healing, and decrease the risk of infection in those minor wounds.

One of the injures I seen most was stepping on or being punctured by nails after a tornado, many people would seek out the disaster services command center and request tetanus shots, which we did not provide.  It is important that you have a tetanus booster every 10 years.  People also needed bandaging materials as minimal as a Band-Aid to a gauze wrap for an injured hand that was cut pulling away mangled tin roofs from tornado wreckage.

Some helpful items to add to a HOME AID KIT – This kit isn’t just for injuries but prevention as well and not only having first aid supplies but some other items like a weather radio and flashlight with extra batteries.  We focus on social media when there is a threat of severe weather so phones should be completely charged at the onset of bad weather and also have a fully charged battery pack for your phone.  Bottled water and no perishable food items that do not need to be cooked (in the event of extended number of days without power and water). Heavy gloves to use in the event you need to remove debris.

Another safety tip is take those weather threats, warnings, and watches seriously.  We can never be too careful and when we least expect it will be the storm that will cause injury and be of larger category storm that expected.  Weather is not exact and it is constantly changing, we are way more capable of predicting and being prepared than generations past so let’s think safety first in weather events.

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